Ravi Kulkarni and Lynn Whitney Turner are business growth strategists who have an in-depth un- derstanding of national and global issues that affect businesses. They are sought after by corporate, business and non-profit leaders who are ready to move out of their comfort zones to find new ways to profitable transform and grow their businesses for the future.

Ravi and Lynn are co-founders of Clear Vision Alliance and have more than 50 years of combined experience in corporate and business settings in the United States and abroad. They have been successful in building businesses, teams and leaders that can compete in today's technologically challenging and ethnically diverse marketplace. They have worked with the leaders of national companies, major philanthropic organizations, and trade associations to develop collaborative partnerships for sustainable growth. They have coached employees on team building, work-life balance, and ways to improve job satisfaction and enhance job performance. They have facilitated roundtable discussions throughout the country for top executives.

Ravi and Lynn's workshops, one-on-one and group coaching, and full business coaching fall under three main categories:

  • Leadership Transformation
  • Employee Development
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
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