Executive Coaching and Support:

As formally trained Business and Executive coaches, we help leaders deal with complex organizational, professional and personal issues. The meaning of leadership is taken to a whole new level for senior C–Suite executives. While educational qualification, acquired management skills and business and industry knowledge are absolutely essential, key personal factors of values, integrity, and ethics differentiate the Good from the Great. Such key traits indicate how individuals arrive at decisions as well as what drives them to act or not act in certain situations. It gives further insight into the biases that affect their judgments. Why is this important? Leaders will, many times, find themselves in a very critical situation without the luxury to receive counsel from others. Instead they must rely solely on their own internal compass to make decisions that will impact the organization in a positive or negative manner. Often, leaders have to take a strong stand, be tough, and act in a timely manner in the best interest of the organization. Other times, leaders need to show humility and seek help in areas where they lack specific skills and competencies. As Executive Coaches, we become their thinking partners to support them and show them the mirror offering objective feedback, when needed.

Building Strong Top Teams:

Our approach of Total Relationship Management will help break down operational silos improving productivity and the bottom line. Any organization in business for any length of time is bound to develop operational silos. Some are visible and others, not so obvious. “Artificial harmony” creates a major gap between agreement and execution. In collective settings, teams reach agreements that later fall apart during the implementation phase due to individual differences and disagreements. Through Individual Coaching, Group Coaching and Team Building Exercises, we assist organizations to build strong top teams that are aligned in their values, growth oriented and purpose driven. We further assist you to evaluate your team for competencies necessary to position your organization for growth into the future and create a plan for on-going personal and professional development.