Change the dialogue from Growth to Sustained Profitable Growth:

In this world of globalized economy and rapid change, Survival has been on the forefront of most business leaders’ minds. Due to the constant fear of uncertainties and the unknown of The Next Big Thing to change their world, leaders have shifted their focus from growth to survival.

Hunkering down and waiting for the dust to settle after the storm is not a viable strategy. The days of stability following disruptions are gone as the cumulative effect of these tsunamis of change affecting you and your business are in constant motion. They are subtle, non-linear and hence invisible. To stay alive, it is imperative to anticipate and act or better yet innovate and lead. However, most business leaders are traditional in their approach to linear changes and are not attuned to these non-linear shifts, thus ill-equipped to handle the future.

Sustainability and growth into the future will require a good understanding and study of linear and non-linear changes set in motion by key events that have already happened. Many of these events have a global origin. However, the cumulative ripple effect of these events leads to non-linear changes that shift consumers and their behavior. Technology further accelerates the process.

We assist organizations with the process of strategic thinking to develop a Comprehensive Growth Plan that focuses on three key areas:

1) Managing current operations in a profitable manner
2) Dealing with immediate and upcoming uncertainties that may impact your plan, and
3) Planning for the long-term